Supply Chain Visibility

Automating Communications

Once product information is consolidated and in an electronic format, it can then be leveraged by automating notifications to your internal personnel and supply chain partners. CATALOG & COMMUNICATE® enables you to streamline the communications process by eliminating the need to manually communicate the same information multiple times. It also ensures greater accuracy and records all communications activities for precise tracking.

With CATALOG & COMMUNICATE, you can quickly and efficiently:

  • Alert each person involved in the product set-up and approval process that their input is required, while making sure they know the product will move no further in the process without their input.

  • Notify appropriate personnel of changes that impact various company activities, such as budgeting, quality assurance and unit operations.

  • Notify distributors of new products, product deactivations and reactivations, product specification changes that are material to their operations and contract price changes.

  • Alert buyers of products with contract prices due to expire.

  • Transmit communications based on your timeframes and prompts.

  • Deliver information in a variety of formats according to preferred product notification method (web retrieval, e-mail or FTP) and data format (PDF, Excel, delimited or XML).