Supply Chain Visibility

Historical Data Reporting and Analysis

A core component of the ANALYZE®Data Reporter, our On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) tool leads to more efficient and effective future decisions by providing historical data reporting to facilitate various types of historic and trend analyses. OLAP is a powerful, yet flexible analytical resource that enables you to drill down, filter and sort your supply chain data across numerous, self-defined dimensions. In addition to facilitating comparative analysis across distribution centers, products, suppliers, ADI regions, promotions, time periods or other factors that are critical to your operations, OLAP also supports both graphical and tabular formats. Included in this innovative tool are the following features:

  • Purchase Analyzer – Provides information about distributor purchases across various groups, including suppliers, product categories, geographic regions and time periods.
  • Sales Analyzer – Affords access to a comprehensive array of foodservice distributor sales information by distribution center, unit, ADI region, promotion and time period.

  • Inventory Analyzer – Offers the capability to examine inventory trends at all of your distribution centers by combining average on-hand values with historic sales and purchase volumes.  It also can monitor inventory turn rates by distribution center, storage temperature and product.