Supply Chain Visibility

Product Specifications

A series of web-based forms enables your internal personnel and/or suppliers to enter and maintain information about your products. Meanwhile, the system tracks all user activities in the event of an error or discrepancy.

BASIX will customize the system based on your specific needs and configure forms to collect information for the following areas:

  • Distributors – DC numbers and addresses, mark-ups, unit counts and ADI markets serviced.

  • Suppliers – Order lead times, payment terms and minimum order quantities, as well as order, remit and quality assurance contacts, and product manufacturing and shipping locations.

  • Products – Virtually limitless information can be collected and warehoused, including product characteristics, such as net and gross case weights, case dimensions, shelf life, storage temperatures and case packs, as well as ingredient lists and nutritional content.

  • Contract Prices – All components of contract pricing, including FOB, freight, DC delivered, as well as pick-up allowances and effective dates.