Managed Freight

Strategic Managed Freight Services

A strategic managed freight program supports your internal assured supply objectives by enhancing on-time performance without sacrificing product integrity or security.  By providing a single point of contact and accountability for all domestic freight procurement and transportation management activities, BASIX can help you maximize efficiencies and cost-savings by:

  • Leveraging your overall transportation spend by centralizing procurement activities. (Read more about the benefits of Leveraging Freight Spend.)

  • Utilizing our redistribution services to optimize product movement, maximize the number of full truckload shipments and reduce costly and inefficient LTL movements.

  • Defragmenting your supply chain and coordinating the physical movement of all products on a common execution and visibility platform.

  • Increasing visibility for trading partners throughout your supply chain, thereby enabling them to improve system performance.

  • Reducing overall transportation expenses and providing complete visibility to the actual costs incurred on each and every move.

  • Working directly with asset-based carriers instead of operating as a brokerage model. (Read more about our Carrier Strategy.)

Benefits of a Strategic Managed Freight Program

  • Eliminates inbound freight transactions

  • Reduces COGS

  • Improves on-time performance

  • Achieves proactive carrier management

  • Defragments transportation management

  • Provides network-wide performance and visibility

  • Offers scalability for rapid growth

  • Automated Paperless Tenders to Carriers

  • Automated Freight Audit Process

  • Can Free Up Resources in Your Organization