Managed Freight

Truckload Services

BASIX is a lead logistics provider that offers comprehensive management of carrier capacity sourcing and bid activity, as well as the oversight of ongoing carrier transportation service performance. Through our proven technologies and services, we are able to offer you a host of benefits, including:

  • The identification and application of best practices
    among supply chain trading partners

  • Operational and financial transaction performance visibility

  • Complete visibility of all freight spend

  • The development of innovative programs to improve network efficiency

Our Best-in-Class Transportation Management System (TMS)

BASIX utilizes an innovative on-demand TMS. Seamless and web-native, the TMS effectively blends traditional TMS functionality with unique collaborative capabilities that can only be delivered through an on-demand network.

The system connects you to all of your supply chain trading partners, allowing you
to easily and efficiently share information. This is not just limited to your carriers;
we provide complete access for all parties — suppliers, consignees, shippers
and third parties, as well.

In addition, it provides complete daily planning, execution and settlement functions, along with periodic strategic procurement functions. It also provides unique functions that can only be delivered through a network, such as supplier inbound management, appointment scheduling, benchmarking and network-wide reporting, a private transportation marketplace to obtain capacity and lower costs, and total supply chain visibility.