Redistribution and Customized
Supply Chain Services

The Benefits of Redistribution
Our redistribution services provide a host of benefits for your supply chain, including:

  • The reduction of landed (or product) cost – By reducing transportation, warehousing and order management costs, we can help you reduce
    the actual cost of your product to the restaurants. We accomplish this by:

    • Consolidating deliveries, which reduces both freight costs and the time required for planning and follow-up activities.

    • Eliminating expensive LTL shipments to increase efficiency and minimize damage to freight.

    • Negotiating lower FOB costs.

  • New LTO and Promotions Management – Our proactive inventory placement and management ensures proper run-out and minimizes dead inventory exposure.

  • Disaster Recovery – In case of a local or regional disaster, we can easily support additional volume into alternate distribution centers to support response efforts and ensure continued supply. 

  • Greater Efficiency – We can simplify inventory management across your supply chain by:

    • Eliminating unnecessary freight transactions.

    • Providing a single point of contact for multiple products, which
      reduces purchase orders, invoices, receipts and related paperwork.

    • Reducing the need for excessive inventory, which leads to faster turns, better shelf life and the ability to fit more products in one location.

  • Increased Leverage – BASIX can enable you to obtain reliable supply at the right cost within challenging warehouse and transportation markets by:

    • Helping you utilize the space in your existing distribution centers more efficiently, which increases capacity and reduces costs.

    • Eliminating the need to tie up capital in superfluous inventory and facilities.

  • Collaboration – We give your supply chain trading partners more visibility, which provides them with more opportunities to improve system performance